Pies & Tarts

Apple Crumble

Granny Smith apples stewed with cinnamon and raisins, layered over a crumbed biscuit base with a dollop of French custard, topped with a Streusel crumble pastry and baked to perfection.

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Belgica Caramel

Golden sweet pastry, lined with chocolate and filled with crème pâtissièr, fresh whipped cream and soft caramel then topped with crushed tree nuts and coconut macaroons.

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Key Lime Pie

Traditional American pie made with a lime-infused condensed milk and baked to perfection with a whipped cream topping, drizzled with a tangy lime coulis.

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Pear & Almond

Poached pears baked in a golden brown, thin tart shell over a buttery almond filling and a clear glaze to finish it off.

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Peppermint Caramel Tart

Traditional South African tart made with a chocolate and coconut cream biscuit base, layered with caramel and peppermint mousse, topped with fresh whipped cream and peppermint chocolate.