Hot Puddings

Boston Brownie

Boston style chocolate brownie made with tree nuts, loads of chocolate, cocoa and fresh eggs. Perfectly baked into a fudgy, gooey mouthfeel and topped with a milk chocolate ganache and chocolate crumble. Best served warm.


Cape Malva Pudding

Cape Malva pudding made the traditional way using butter, fresh cream, apricot jam and a rich toffee sauce.


Chocolate Volcano

A rich chocolate soufflé made with fine chocolate and baked to perfection. This self-saucing dessert is not for the fainthearted! Each little eruption contains half a slab of chocolate… mmm!


Hot Mud Pudding

A rich, moist chocolate pudding steam baked to perfection, soaked in a rich syrup and covered with a gooey chocolate sauce and dark chocolate shavings.

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