About Château Gâteaux

Traditional European recipes, from Paris to Vienna to Rome, have been recreated by our skilled team of Pastry Chefs to promote the art of Pâtisserie and Boulangerie in a Southern African context. We are thus able to satisfy multi-cultural desires and trends, tantalising the taste buds of all customers. We know you will enjoy browsing through our web pages as much as we enjoyed making each and every decadent treat.

Bon Appetit!

Committed to Excellence

Our business is founded on an obsession with food safety and exceptional quality. All of the products are handmade from scratch in an certified facility. Where possible, we make our own fillings, toppings, glazes, mousses, bavarois, caramels, meringues, japonaise, etc. using a unique version of the classic European recipes, without the use of artificial pre-mixes or added preservatives. We are proud to say that each and every cake that leaves our factory has been hand-crafted. We use only the finest, freshest, natural ingredients. When you order one of our products, expect a cake filled with fresh farm cream and no artificial vegetable-based imitation cream fillings. Only fine chocolate, real fruit and other quality ingredients are used to flavour and create our exceptional range of products.

Our History

Château Gâteaux was born in 1997 in a basement warehouse in Sydney Road, Durban. Founding partner and current Director, Ilan Lipschitz, is our Master Chef Pâtissier and internationally trained Pastry Chef. Ilan studied and worked in this profession in Austria, Switzerland and France, honing his confectionary skills and learning the process of blast freezing. This is a critical process in our production that seals in freshness and enables us to make products with a long freezer life, free from added preservatives.

In 2005, after operating for more than seven years from its modest basement factory, the company made its boldest move since opening, by upgrading to a state-of-the-art production facility. Designed in accordance with industry standards, the factory stands proudly in Durban’s trendy Riverhorse Valley business estate. Substantial space and capacity were allowed for the company to grow production to meet the increasing demand for the range. However, that generous space was swallowed up, and the offices, boardroom and factory shop relocated in November 2014 to Imvubupark, Durban, followed by the factory in April 2015.

The retail market has been tested over the years with various offerings. Initially, the products were merchandised and sold in a chilled state, which drastically reduced their shelf-life and meant wastage was high. Relaunched to be sold in a frozen state, the small retail range of 18cm gâteaux found favour with the Durban consumer and encouraged the company to launch the Château Gâteaux Pâtisserie brand in 2010.

With a growing trend in customised desserts, we believe our model of meeting our customers’ specific requirements is well-positioned to succeed.

Our Certification

It’s not just our hand-made desserts that are exceptional. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Staff training, rigid quality control, microbiological analysis, raw material traceability from farm to fork and food-safe stock management systems are all routine procedures that help us maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from Château Gâteaux.

It doesn’t end there. Our many certifications are evidence of the level of care we take both in how we run the business and in preparing our desserts.

Our Awards

Our gorgeous 18cm octagon-style cake box stole the show in the Food Category at the prestigious 2015 South African Institute of Packaging Awards, held in Sandton. Competing against some of South Africa’s most prestigious brands, our cake box was awarded the gold medal, impressing the judges with its complex design, functionality and good looks.

Part of its charm comes from how it has been engineered with the utmost care to ensure efficient construction, freezer compatibility and oil or moisture resistance. All, so our hand-made delicacies retain their aesthetic impact and mouth-watering taste when opened by the customer.

The box is also totally recyclable and has a side opening to facilitate the loading and extracting of cake in production and serving situations. Voila!

Looking after our Environment

In the interests of caring for the environment, we have commenced a programme to eliminate as many environmentally damaging packaging material elements as is possible and practical. Given the large quantities used in packaging our products, eliminating polystyrene was the first obvious task.

All polystyrene has now been replaced with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Our new packaging has been designed and tested to deliver the equivalent insulation and protective properties of polystyrene.

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