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Welcome to Château Gâteaux

Since 1997, our skilled Pastry Team has been handcrafting our exquisite, superior range of quality gâteaux and desserts, using the most exceptional ingredients available. When you purchase a Château Gâteaux masterpiece, expect to indulge in a product bursting with flavour made from the finest fresh cream, chocolate, fruits and nuts.

Our handcrafted delicacies are produced out of a world-class certified pastry kitchen. Every freshly frozen and sealed product is Halaal certified by SANHA. We have spent over two decades perfecting the art of sealed-in freshness through our unique fresh-to-frozen process. It means that we do not need to add any preservatives and the retained flavour and quality is guaranteed.

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Our Pâtisseries

We have been perfecting the art of sealed-in freshness through our unique fresh-to-frozen process. This means you can store your gâteaux frozen for long periods and defrost, at your convenience, to its original and exceptional handmade state.

The retained flavour and quality never cease to amaze.


Château Gâteaux has been supplying discerning professionals in the Foodservice industry throughout Southern Africa since 1997 and dominates the premium desserts sector in the region.

Our unique product range offers you the convenience of having five-star, 24cm whole gourmet gâteaux, individual desserts and hot puddings and tarts in your freezer, ready-to-serve with no fuss. Simply thaw and plate – alleviating the need for daily deliveries, eliminating stock shortages and reducing wastage.

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