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Since 1997, our exquisite and superior range of quality gâteaux and desserts have been hand-crafted by our skilled team of Pastry Chefs using the finest and freshest ingredients available, without the use of added preservatives or artificial pre-mixes.

Under the guidance of our Maître Pâtissier, we continue to create a range of traditional and customised European and local gâteaux and desserts to suit every palate. We constantly seek to push the boundaries of our art, and this collection is testimony to that.

When you purchase our products, expect a cake filled with fresh farm cream and no artificial vegetable-based imitation cream fillings. Only the best natural flavours, fine chocolate, real fruit and other quality ingredients are used to create and flavour our fine range of desserts.

All our factory-sealed products carrying the SANHA emblem are certified HALAAL.

Morningside Pâtisserie

136 Problem Mkhize (Cowey) Road, Berea 4001
Tel: (031) 309 1661
Email: morningside@chateaugateaux.co.za
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Durban North Pâtisserie

66 Adelaide Tambo (Kensington) Drive, Durban North 4051
Tel: (031) 563 6061
Email: dbnnorth@chateaugateaux.co.za
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Hillcrest Pâtisserie

Shop 12B, The Colony Centre,
50 Old Main Road, Hillcrest
Tel: (031) 765 7834
Email: hillcrest@chateaugateaux.co.za
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Illovo Pâtisserie

Shop 20a Thrupps Illovo Center, 204 Oxford Road, Illovo, Johannesburg
Tel: (011) 268 2211
Email: illovo@chateaugateaux.co.za
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Pavilion Pâtisserie

Shop 137, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Jack Martens Drive, Westville 3629
Tel: (031) 265 0102
Email: pavilion@chateaugateaux.co.za
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All our products are hand-made from scratch in our ISO22000 certified pastry kitchen.

Bon Appétit!

We have spent 17 years perfecting the art of sealed-in freshness through our unique fresh-to-frozen process.

This means you can store your gâteau frozen for long periods and defrost at your convenience to its original and exceptional hand-made state.

The retained flavour and quality never ceases to amaze. Follow our guidelines and you will be guaranteed an indulgent experience with every mouthful!

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