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Our business is founded on an obsession with Food Safety and Exceptional Quality. All of the products are handmade from scratch in an ISO22000 certified facility. Where possible, we make our own fillings, toppings, glazes, mousses, bavarois, caramels, meringues, japonaise, etc... using a unique version of the classical European recipes, without the use of artificial pre-mixes or added preservatives. We are proud to say that each and every cake that leaves our factory has been hand-crafted. We use only the finest, freshest, natural ingredients. When you order our product, expect a cake filled with fresh farm cream and no artificial vegetable-based imitation cream fillings. Only fine chocolate, real fruit and other quality ingredients are used to flavour and create our fine range of products.

ISO22000 is the highest possible Safety and Production certification a food manufacturer can achieve. We are guided and audited by the World Food Safety Organisation, a globally recognised certification body based in Malta and the UK governed by the IAF with stringent qualification requirements.
Our award for this standard of excellence is not just a certificate on the wall - we run our business entirely on these principles. This means we are always “audit-ready”: staff training, continuous and rigid quality control, microanalysis and product-tracing stock systems are all routine manufacturing procedures. This is crucially important, as it helps to reduce the presence of foreign matter and any other hazards to the consumer. Complete traceability of all ingredients right back to their source is standard practice, while regular supplier and distributor assessments ensure that our end-users enjoy complete peace of mind in the safety and hygiene levels of our products, as well as the manufacturing processes involved.






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